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Hi I am Raj Fontana, wedding, lifestyle and Portrait photographer who calls Victoria home, but regularly adventures throughout the world. Beyond simply taking photos, I view every shoot as a journey in which connections are formed, a story is told and memories are created. The images are full of romance, intimate details, and raw emotion; I do what it takes to capture moments as they happen, forever freezing memories for the people around us. My imagery is a window into an event, transporting the viewer into the moments. Colors come alive and natural light exudes warmth through the photograph. It’s a beautiful documentary style, never missing out on the emotion or feeling that make up a wedding day.

Photography is so special because of its capacity for making memories tangible.
My approach to photography is all about the people and stories behind each image – That’s YOU! 
You'll be sure to meet me over a coffee before I've ever got a camera pointed at you because getting to know you and your story means I can capture one of the most important days of your life in a unique and personal way, just for you. 


If you have any questions about how Raphotographystudio can serve your photographic needs, please contact us through the contact page on this website


778-676-2910 email: photos@raphotographystudio.ca