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I will never forget the first time a women told me that she has never felt more beautiful than she did looking at the photos I took of her. I believe that every women should have images of herself that represent her best self. We are so busy in our daily lives and it isn't very often that we take time for ourselves. Time to celebrate our beauty.

Not only are glamour sessions fun, complete with getting your hair and makeup done, but also, how fun would it be to show your children and grandchildren your portraits 30 years from now? They'll be like, "Wow! Look at YOU!

Please contact info@radesignstudio.ca for details regarding the sessions.

Glamour & Seniors FAQ's

What is Glamour Session?

A glamour session is a portrait session focusing on your beauty. We will develop a session plan during your consultation, But the goal of these sessions are to make you look and feel amazing, beautiful, pampered with images that reflect the beauty of YOU, the women.

Do you include hair and makeup?

Yes! I work with awesome hair and makeup artists, and all of our glamour sessions include professional hair and makeup with the session fee. We discuss all the details about hair makeup and wardrobe at the time of the consultation.

Where will I have my session done?

My Glamour sessions are done at my home studio, unless you want to rent a hotel room or do an outdoor session. This is something that we can definitely discuss at your consultation.

Can I bring a friend ? do you offer glamour parties?

Absolutely! Glamour parties could be for birthdays , bachelorette parties, or even just a fun girls get-together. It's the absolute BEST time with your friends, wine, snacks and playing dress up. and we have a special hostess bonuses! Just contact me for details!

What should I do to prepare for my session?

I suggest getting a manicure because your hands will most likely show. Please lotion up after your shower to make sure that your skin is smooth. Please arrive with clean dry hair and a fresh face.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for how gorgeous you will look! Remember to book a night out afterwards!